Get Your Mansur Gavriel Shoes Before They Sell Out

Mansur Gavriel, maker of the most popular bucket bag ever, has released its first shoe collection. Just like its bags, the shoes are very minimalistic in style. You better get them now, though. If these shoes are anything like the bucket bag, they’ll be sold out soon.


Mansur Gavriel debuted collection yesterday and will be selling them exclusively on Net-A-Porter for two weeks before they go on sale in store or on any other website. All major fashion sites like Vogue and Fashionista have been talking about the collection since yesterday so I’m sure many people have bought the shoes at this point. That’s why you need to be them now. They will sell out.

Not to mention, Net-A-Porter also has a couple of models of the bucket bag available. That bag is still sold out in every size and every color on Mansur Gavriel’s website along with pretty much everything else there like the shoulder bag and the Lady Bag, which Net-A-Porter has, too.

The shoes start at $395 and go up to $625 and they are all suede shoes. The bags are all at their regular prices like $595 for a bucket bag and $495 for a shoulder bag. You can get the shoes here on Net-A-Porter.

Now, when it comes to the way the collection looks and not just how to get it, It’s quite beautiful. If you’ve even reading my articles, you know I love minimalistic style. Everything about Mansur Gavriel is minimalistic. That’s why I love the bucket bag so much and that’s why I think these shoes are beautiful.

Rachel Mansur, co-founder of Mansur Gavriel, exemplifies the beauty of these when she explains what she and Floriana Gavriel wanted to make when designing these shoes. In an article on Fashionista, Mansur is quoted saying, “…We wanted a range of shoes where you could have this high heel that’s quite sexy but also wearable, and a lower heel that’s easy and comfortable but also elegant.” Personally, I think Mansur and Gavriel did quite a good job in making the shoes look elegant.

Everything on Mansur Gavriel’s website goes great with both casual and formal looks. So they did a good job with these shoes. Since they did do such a good job these shoes will probably sell out soon. Go to Net-A-Porter and get a pair or you could wait until the shoes are available in store or on Mansur Gavriel’s website, though they will probably sell out there too.

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