French Fashion Votes Against “See Now, Buy Now” Shows

A couple of weeks ago, Burberry announced it would adopt a “see now, buy now” business model for its shows, after the CFDA announced that they would be considering the same model for New York Fashion Week. Now, French fashion executives from Dior, Hermès, Chanel, and Saint Laurent have voted against it.

According to an article on Fashionista, the governing federation for French fashion has considered the “see now, buy now” business model but has decided that it does not want it for shows in France. The president of the federation, Ralph Toledano, released a statement saying, “Our clientele is educated and informed on how the system works” and further explained that the model works well for “marketing-driven brands.”

Toledano, Saint Laurent CEO Francesca Bellettini, Chanel President of Fashion Bruno Pavlovsky, and an executive vice president of fashion at Hermès reviews the business model shortly after the CFDA announced they would. The Fashionista report further explained that “the federation’s board, which represents the aforementioned houses as well as Nina Ricci, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Maison Margiela and many more, unanimously voted against the idea.”

This may be they way French fashion will be for a while but I think it will eventually adopt the “see now, buy now” business and shows model. The way fashion presents clothing these days is a bit outdated and in need of something like this. Though, it’s not surprising that the fashion capital of the world wouldn’t immediately want to move their schedules but they just might eventually have to.


In a review of all the top shows of New York Fashion Week, Vogue’s Anna Wintour says that people may have been a little let down by the shows because of news that the CFDA was considering moving the show schedules. Wintour further explained that “the fashion schedule hasn’t moved in a long time and the world has so we have to move with it.”

That’s why I think France may have to adopt the business model. Fashion is about moving forward and if everyone else decides to show their collections in season, it would make French fashion look behind and outdated. I don’t think the city that makes the most expensive clothing in the world would want to look outdated. Though, it wouldn’t be surprising if French fashion brands were the last ones to adopt the new business model.

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