Forever 21 Still Seems Pretty Popular

Zara has the most followers on Instagram of the top 3 mall brands and H&M comes in second. Forever 21 has the least followers on Instagram but the brand seems to have more shoppers in stores.

Last weekend I went shopping and went to quite a few stores including the top 3 biggest mall brands. Zara, of course, had quite a few shoppers in the store. There was quite a lot of new fall and winter clothing and the holiday season begins in about 3 weeks. Zara is also the most popular of the top 3 mall brands and sells much more clothing.

H&M didn’t seem to have that many people in the store. Sales and profits have been declining at the brand lately with sales increasing for the third quarter fiscal 2018. The store, however, didn’t have much people in it. The brand just released its new fall and winter collection but many people still didn’t shop there.

Forever 21 had a lot of shoppers in the store. The brand had more shoppers than Zara. That’s kind of surprising since it’s the least popular of the 3 biggest mall brands and has the least followers on Instagram. It’s also the least talked about by fashion news publications. Although, it’s the brand that’s accused of copying luxury brands the most. Regardless, it’s the least popular.


The brand is more affordable than Zara and H&M, which is probably why more people shop there. Shoppers always look for good deals and even though the brand doesn’t have sale as often as H&M, it’s clothes are still cheaper. So, people shop there.

Also, brands have been having sales since summer began but the brand is still cheaper. You can get handbags and accessories for $10 at the brand. The quality is, of course, not as good as a luxury brand and even Zara has better quality but it’s cheap so people buy it. That’s also why people still shop at Old Navy. The brand is cheap and has sales pretty much all year and the clothes are even cheaper so people shop there.

The brand isn’t more popular than Zara or H&M with it’s style or even its products. It’s just cheaper than most brands. The brand has less followers on Instagram and isn’t written about that much by fashion news publications but a lot of people shop in stores.

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