Fashion Week Has Begun – Live Stream Available

New York Fashion Week has finally begun for designers to show off their 2016 Spring/Summer collections. Vogue is live-streaming all the shows and you can get a schedule of all show times here from The Cut. Though I’m not seeing any of my favorite brands showing today, I still see value in taking a look at brands I usually don’t pay attention to. Brands like Victor Alfaro.

Victor Alfaro Spring/Summer 2016 Photo by: Michael Aucoin
Victor Alfaro Spring/Summer 2016 Photo by: Michael Aucoin

I like this dress (left) the most. I imagine someone wearing it while walking out of their home in Greece, down the steps on their front patio past their stone pillars, and into a gorgeous garden full of statues; it just screams luxury. The model’s hair here also helps to remind me of Greece, even though it isn’t done in typical (maybe cliché?) double side-braid fashion.

Speaking of Greece, I can’t wait to see what Versace brings to the table during Milan Fashion Week. Yes, I know Versace is an Italian brand, but it’s Greek themed (See: The Medusa Logo). Even though I like a more minimalistic approach to clothing, Versace is one of my favorite brands. They always do something that’s a little different than what’s on trend. Now, that doesn’t mean they never follow trends, they usually just do something different with it.

Yannis Vlamos /
Yannis Vlamos /

For example, this picture (right) of a model wearing a shirt with chains looping through the sleeve holes and the collar. The sleeve holes are also cut open along the torso. I would love to recreate this look as it seems that shirt is not available anywhere.

I’m also waiting for Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and especially Givenchy. I can’t wait to see how THAT show turns out and I’m sure you’re all waiting for it too. Just to recap, Riccardo Tisci is opening the show to the public with free seats. I’m sure other brands are waiting to see how that works out and they might even consider doing it themselves.

Later on when Paris Fashion Week wraps up all the Spring/Summer shows, I’ll be keeping my eye out for Hermès. I want to see how well the models look while wearing Hermès’ new Apple Watch bands. I love these bands and not just because they’re from Hermès or because I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch and it seems like I’m the only one who sees its potential as not only a luxury item but a beautiful accessory as well. I want to see those bands on those models because I think they actually look good and it’ll be good to see other people seeing the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory and not just a gadget.

I will be covering Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Givenchy shows this week and I will update you on who I will be reviewing later when Fashion Week kicks off in London, Milan, and Paris. Check back on Haute Écriture to stay update. Also, if you haven’t already, visit my Subscribe page and follow me and Haute Écriture on Instagram.



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