Fashion Jewelry is Stupid and Overpriced

Pretty much every luxury brand sells jewelry. Bracelets are usually the most popular but brands sell necklaces, earrings, and more. The jewelry isn’t exactly the best quality and its kind of cheap. Fashion jewelry is pretty stupid and it’s overpriced.

A couple of years ago my husband and I went shopping at the mall on the weekend. We went into a Louis Vuitton store and browsed a couple of products. We looked at handbags, belts, wallets, and more. We also saw the brand’s jewelry.

The brand has tables with products on them that shoppers can look at or try on. Most of the tables have wallets and other accessories on them but there is a table with jewelry. I, of course, went to look at it. There was a bracelet with a lock on it that had the brand’s logo on it and a necklace with the same lock on it.

I picked it up to look at it and it wasn’t like fine jewelry. The metal was lighter and the color was more like the hardware on a handbag rather than a gold bracelet. It wasn’t made of gold. It was either gold plated or simply gold colored. Regardless, it wants fine jewelry. It did, however, retail for as much as fine jewelry.


The bracelet retailed for over $400. The necklace was even more expensive. Pretty much all the jewelry on the table was priced like that. You can get a 14k gold bracelet or necklace for that price both online and in stores. Louis Vuitton was selling it for that much simply because it’s from the brand.

Pretty much all brands do this. They sell it for pretty much the same prices you can get fine jewelry for Some do sell fine jewelry. but that is overpriced as well. They sell it for expensive prices simply because of the brand it comes from.

Fashion jewelry, however, is stupid. It’s not gold and the color is more like hardware on a handbag rather than gold. It’s overpriced and you can get fine jewelry for the same price both online and in stores. Luxury brands sell it for that much simply because of the brand it comes from.

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