Fashion is So Damn Annoying Sometimes

Fashion is so damn annoying sometimes. I read and write about it Monday through Friday. On the weekends, though, I just don’t want to hear anything about it and when I do I hate it.

I read and write about fashion almost everyday. I read Fashionista and The Fashion Law every day and write about fashion, whether it’s a news article or report, an editorial, or something else, Monday through Friday. Sometimes, I even post on Saturdays with the “The Best of Haute Écriture” article series.

I don’t, however, read or write about fashion on the weekends. On the weekend, I just don’t want to hear anything about it and when I do I hate it. It’s so damn annoying. Especially when I’m doing something fun or looking at something on my phone and than it comes up.

On the weekend, I don’t want to read or hear about how politics and fashion or about Hermès’ new retail strategy or how the Brexit made luxury sales decline. I don’t want to read about why this millenial person in ripped clothing is so cool and why I should be following them on Instagram. I do not want to read some whimsically written article about why this product is the best and you should buy it.


I don’t like it when looking at something on my phone and an annoying picture of some woman I don’t know or care about comes up on Vogue’s Instagram account. Hermès’ Instagram account annoys me as well. I don’t want to see all these ridiculously whimsical posts. Not on the weekend.

Writing about fashion Monday through Friday is a job. It’s one I like but regardless of whether I like it or not it’s a job. So, the weekends are a break and reading about it or annoying posts coming up on Instagram is like getting an annoying email from your boss on the weekend. Nobody wants to read that.

I do go to the mall on the weekend sometimes and, of course, there’s fashion everywhere. That’s what the mall is about, but at least when I go I went there to get something. Unless I’m shopping either at the mall or online, I don’t want to read or hear about fashion on the weekend. It’s just so annoying.

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