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Last month, I wrote an article called “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Lineisy Montero?” In that article, I wrote about how I’ve seen Dominican model Lineisy Montero in many fashion shows and photo shoots and how I was only able to find one article about her despite all of her success. I said that I thought people might not be talking about her because she is black, as everyone was too busy focusing on other models like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Cara Delevingne. That article was largely incorrect and needs an update.

A little before I wrote that article, I saw Lineisy Montero in a bunch of haute couture shows in January. I searched for information about who she was but I couldn’t find anything. About a week later, after having posted the article, I searched for her again and much to my surprise, there were a bunch articles about her on many websites. Articles that were written in March of last year.

Lineisy Montero has been writen about by Elle UK in “10 Things You Need to Know About Lineisy Montero” and is, as Dominican model Josue Bier pointed out in the comments, “…one of Vogue Magazine’s topic of discussion in terms of power models new to the Fashion industry” as well as one of the “faces of color that are featured on most runways and ads” along with Imaan Hamman and Aya Jones. Bier’s comment is exemplified by an article on Vogue called “Forget Brazil—The Models Everyone’s Talking About Now Are All From the Dominican Republic.”

Then, there is the article from Fashionista that I included in the article about Montero called “8 Models Who Ruled the Runway This Season.” So, there are many people talking about her and her success is fairly noted. Though, there is one thing Bier said that I’d like to address.


Following the sentences quoted above, Bier’s comment reads, “Imman being Egyptian-Moroccan, Aya is Afro-French and Lineisy from Dominican Republic is Afro-Latino.” I think Bier was implying that since Montero is from the Dominican Republic and is “Afro-Latino” that she isn’t black. I don’t know if this is what he was trying to say but if so, Lineisy Montero may still be considered a black model given her skin color and hair type. She may speak mainly Spanish and may have been raised in the Dominican Republic, but she is still referred to by others in the fashion industry as a black model.

As I said, I don’t know if that’s what Bier was implying but there’s my response to that.

Furthermore, in the article I said “Lineisy Montero is one of those black models whose features aren’t ‘too black’ for the industry. I say this because the black models who get the most work are those whose facial features aren’t very prominent and resemble those of white women…” This statement is still correct, even if it doesn’t apply to Lineisy Montero, as this is something that still happens to black models.

Regardless, I should’ve done a lot more research before writing that article and I shouldn’t assume that people are discriminating against someone because of their race when there is nothing that actually shows they are. There are many race issues in the fashion industry but this is not one of them.

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  1. Hello everyone and great day to all elsewhere inot the world. I was very clear on all the points I made. Everything I stated about Imaan Hamman, Lyneisi Montero, and Aya to have metioned exclusively the girls you mentioned in the article. All of which are of African decent. One born in Dominican Republic, the others in France but, all still with their own unique beauty. To conquer the high end Designer runways world wide. Please research source content before publicizing anything. Thank You, have a Blessed life

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