Don’t Ever Pay Over $150 for a T-Shirt

Handbags and accessories are the most important part of a luxury brand. That’s what sells the most and it’s easy to see if what you’re buying is of good quality or not. Clothing, however, isn’t. Most brands also have to increase prices of clothing because of the prices of their other products and you might not be getting what you’re paying for. T-shirts are often sold for over $1,000 by luxury brands but you should never pay over $150 for a t-shirt and here’s why.

Handbags and accessories are the most important part of a luxury brand. Handbags sell the most as well as accessories like wallets, jewelry, shoes, and more. It’s also pretty easy to see if a handbag is of good quality or not. There are many guides on the internet that show you how and many experts that can as well. You can even authenticate handbags using these guides.

Also, stores where you can purchase these bags always have them on the shelves in the front of the store. They are the first things you see when you go into a luxury store. Handbags, wallets, jewelry, and more.

Handbags and accessories are also usually made of better quality materials. Brands spend a lot of money getting the best quality leather they can get and having the best seamstresses they can get make the bags.


Clothing, however, doesn’t sell as much a sale handbags and accessories do. Stores that sell clothing, always have them in the back or somewhere else. Some stores don’t even sell the clothing the brand makes. Some of the clothing that does get sold is usually made of common or simple materials like cotton or wool and aren’t of much better quality than something you’d get at Zara or H&M. Although, clothing is sometimes priced the same as handbags and accessories.

Brands that sell handbags for over $1,000 have to price the rest of their items more or less the same. Obviously a small wallet won’t cost as much as a large handbag but they should be priced in a way that makes the wallet just as luxurious as the handbag. Also, brands that’s are sold in department stores have to price their products a certain way so they are placed in a certain spot in the store.

A brand that sells a handbag for $1,000 and shoes for $600 can’t sell t-shirts for $40. Ralph Lauren does this but his cheaper products are sold at by different Ralph Lauren brands like Polo Ralph Lauren. Regardless, most brands only sell clothing with one brand and if it’s a luxury brand that clothing gets priced like it’s being sold by a luxury brand even if it’s made of common materials.

A simple t-shirt can cost over $1,000 just because of the brand. This t-shirt by Saint Laurent, for example, costs $350. It’s made of cotton and was made in Italy. It also has a small Saint Laurent logo on the front of it. That logo is why it costs that much. It could also be because the t-shirt was made in Italy instead of a cheaper place like China.

Many clothes malls by brands like Saint Laurent, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, are made in the same factories that some products from Zara and H&M are made. They are places in Europe in where these clothes are made that don’t cost much. It does cost more for a luxury brand to a t-shirt made than a mall brand like Zara and it does take longer to make because they are made of better quality materials and have better quality stitching but luxury brands still increase prices just because of the brand.

Then there are brands like Ralph Lauren. As I said, Ralph Lauren sells clothing for luxury prices but they also sell clothing by Polo Ralph Lauren. A lot of the clothing sold by Polo Ralph Lauren is made in China, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. They are made in the same factories as mall brands like Zara, H&M, Old Navy, and more. They are made of better quality materials but they don’t cost much more to make.

Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirts and Polos retail for $40 or more but they cost about the same to make as a t-shirt from Zara. Pants from the brand can cost over $100 but they are also made in the same factories as mall brands and don’t cost much more to make.

There are some luxury brands that sell clothing that isn’t priced like that. Burberry sells a t-shirt with a small logo on it for about $105 or so. That’s still a little expensive but it’s better than a $350 t-shirt.

Also, many of these t-shirts are made of cotton. It might be better quality cotton but it doesn’t cost much more. Cotton is very common. Some products are made of wool but wool is very common as well and isn’t much more expensive for better quality.

That’s why you shouldn’t pay more than $150 for a t-shirt. T-shirts are a wardrobe essential but even if it is sold by a luxury brand, its most likely made of cotton and in a factory where cheaper brands make their clothing. It might be of better quality but it doesn’t cost much more to make. If you pay $150 or less you’ll get what you pay for.

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