Donatella Versace Has Joined Instagram!

First, Alber Elbaz got on Instagram and now Donatella Versace. The internet doesn’t seem as excited about this as they were when Elbaz joined, but it’s still exciting for me because I love the Versace brand. Not to mention, it must be significant if Vogue is writing about it.

Laina Satestein, a writer for Vogue, expressed how she would like a “behind the scenes” peek into Donatella Versace’s life via her Instagram account in an open letter. Satestein states,

Instagram is all about access, after all, a certain shared intimacy, and really, we want to know what it is like: What’s a day in the life of Donatella? Is it filled and flanked with those shirtless, gold chain–wearing men adorned with six-packs who graced your Ice Bucket Challenge video? Will you give us a tutorial behind achieving your effortless-looking, impeccable smoky eye? Will we get a glimpse of your gilded Versace interiors? A peek inside your refrigerator? A sighting of your florist? Your assistant? Your bedroom slippers? (Please may we have all of the above?)

Satestein further expresses how excited she is that Donatella is on Instagram by saying that “it’s like Christmas has come early”.


Donatella Versace’s first Instagram post is of her and Gigi Hadid posing for a selfie which you can see here. It’s a cute photo but there is one thing I don’t like. She is baring her skin in cold weather. I don’t why that’s in trend right now but it’s ridiculous. Regardless, Donatella looks great.

Donatella has since updated her Instagram twice. Her second post being of the selfie she is seen taking in her first post above, and the third of Versace with her back turned to the camera with Gigi Hadid and another model posing in a photo shoot. I’m sure we’ll be seeing that in Vogue’s next issue.

Also on Donatella’s Instagram account is her adorably written bio which reads “Me, Donatella. I believe in individuality and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. And by the way… I am the Designer.” as if we didn’t know she is the designer.

This is a pretty good start to Donatella Versace’s Instagram and I hope we get more interesting posts like this. You can follow Donatella on Instagram here.

So, are you excited that Donatella Versace is on Instagram or is it just boring news? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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