Do You Match Handbags With Leather?

Last month I asked you guys if you match your jewelry with your hardware. Now, I want to know if you match handbags with leather. Many guides for dressing well always say that all of your leather should match. If you have a brown leather belt, you should have brown leather shoes. You should also have a brown leather watch band if you wear a watch, though, some people say you can wear a different colored watch band. That’s why I’m asking you guys if you match the leather of your handbag to any other leather in your outfit.

For example, when I wear white pants, a navy short, a brown belt, and some brown flip flops, I wear my white Longchamp Le Pliage which has brown leather handles and a brown leather flap. My jewelry also matches the hardware on the bag, though, that’s just how I bought the bag and I don’t try to match my jewelry with my hardware. If I was wearing black shoes and a black belt, I would wear a black leather handbag or a bag with black leather on it if it wasn’t all leather.

There are some people who do match their jewelry to the hardware on their bags so it wouldn’t be surprising if some people match handbags with leather but I don’t think many people would actually do that. I think more people match jewelry to hardware than match handbags to leather so even if you didn’t, you’d probably still look good.

Not to mention, men’s shoes and belt, especially leather ones, don’t come in many bright colors and it wouldn’t look that good if a guys was wearing leather shoes in a bright color anyway. Since they mostly come in black and brown, men can probably wear a black handbag with brown leather if a black handbag goes with what they’re wearing.


As for women’s shoes, they come in more colors and it would be easier to match handbags with them but women can also wear a different color handbag if it goes with the outfit they’re wearing as well.

Certain color handbags go with certain outfits. For example, if I was wearing that same outfit with white pants and a navy shirt, I would wear black leather with it regardless of whether it was a belt or some shoes so I wouldn’t wear a black handbag with it either, even if it has brown leather on it like my black Le Pliage.

Also, if a certain color of leather goes with your outfit, your handbags will probably look good with it as well if the leather on it is the same color.

I match handbags with leather but I just wanted to ask you guys if you match your bags with your leather since some people match their jewelry with the hardware on their handbags.

So, what do you think? Do you match handbags with leather? Let me know in the comment below. Also, don’t forgot subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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