Designer Favorites: Prada

It’s been a while since I posted a “Designer Favorites” article. If you haven’t been reading my posts, “Designer Favorites” is a post series in which I list my favorite items from designer brands. These items can be anything from the brand and will vary in price. Last time I wrote an article about my favorites from Coach. Now, I’m going to list my favorite items from Prada.

Inside Bag


The Prada Inside Bag doesn’t seem to be very popular. I haven’t seen any videos about it, any celebrities with it, or heard any mention of the bag anywhere on major fashion websites. Regardless, it’s still a beautiful bag. This one in particular is one of my favorites. Black is a default color when I’m shopping for a bag but I like that they don’t have an all black one but black with a little color like this one. That blush color on the inside also happens to be one of my favorites right now.

Get the Prada Inside Bag here for $3,400.

Calfskin Dress Shoes


I love dress shoes. Specifically, minimalistic dress shoes. These shoes are in smooth, black calfskin and the beauty of the leather shows here because the shoes aren’t too loud. The stitching on the shoes give them a classic look but they can be worn with some dark wash jeans and a sweater instead of dress pants. That makes them perfect for any season, too. Also, I usually wear dress shoes with a square toe but I like the round toe on these shoes.

Get these shoes here for $680.


Saffiano Letter Wallet


I’ve liked the letter silhouette for a while now and it looks good on this wallet. I would prefer to have it in a different kind of leather but this wallet looks good enough that I wouldn’t care. This wallet comes in different colors too, like that beautiful blush color and a good-looking light brown, but I like black the most. Black is what looks best in Saffiano leather as this kind of leather doesn’t usually look luxurious compared to other luxury items that may come in calfskin or lambskin and a bright color will show that. This wallet, though, does look like a luxury item regardless of what color you get.

Get this wallet here for $690.

So, do you like any of the items here or is there something else you think I should have listed? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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