Designer Favorites: Longchamp

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “Designer Favorites” article. For those of you who don’t know, “Designer Favorites” is an article series in which I talk about my favorite items from a brand. Today I’m going to talk about Longchamp which, if you’ve been reading my articles, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Longchamp is one of my favorite brands and they make beautiful handbags and small leather goods so I wanted to list my favorite items from the brand.

Small Le Pliage Handbag


The Longchamp Le Pliage is one of my favorite bags and has been for a while now. It’s just so beautiful. The leather flap and handles are beautiful and are of good quality as well as the nylon of the bag. The Le Pliage is a very minimalistic bag and works for any season. The small model will still carry a lot even though it’s small.

Also, this is the handbag, not the tote. The tote, which is the more popular model, features long handles and the handbag has short handles.

Get a small Le Pliage handbag here from Longchamp for $95.

Longchamp 2.0 Bucket Bag

imageLonchamp updated its bucket bags for its Spring/Summer 2016 collection and their new bucket bag looks amazing. The bucket bag here is in ecru/ lack but there is another one I like in ecru/navy but that doesn’t seem to be available. Regardless, this one is still a good bag. I’m sure the leather is of good quality as their handbags usually are.

Get the Longchamp 2.0 Bucket bag here from Nordstrom for $395.


Longchamp 2.0 Crossbody Bag

imageLongchamp has some pretty good crossbody bags but this one is my favorite. It’s a little larger than a clutch which mean I’ll be able to put everything I usually carry in it. This one is in black but there are some other colors available with ecru/black being my favorite.

Get the Longchamp 2.0 crossbody bag here from Nordstrom for $385.

Those are my favorite items from Longchamp. I know they are all handbags, but I don’t like their small leather goods that much.

So, what do you think? Do you like the items in this list or is there something else I should’ve included? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook. Instagram, and Snapchat.

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