Designer Favorites: Hermès

In October I started a series of posts called “Designer Favorites” in which I list off my favorite items from a specific designer brand. Today I’m continuing that series with one of my favorite brands; Hermès. Hermès is often seen as the most luxurious brand in the world and for good reason. It’s products are absolutely beautiful.

I’m going to start with the product that everyone thought about as soon as they saw the name “Hermès”.

The Hermès Birkin


The Birkin is the most expensive handbag line in the world. It gained its popularity for its price and for its exclusivity. The handbag is handmade by artisans who are put through years of training before they can ever make a Birkin. As such, the availability of the Birkin is limited.

While I’d love to have a black, brown, or orange Birkin in box calf leather, I put a picture of the most expensive Birkin above. That is a Himalayan Birkin in crocodile which is the most expensive leather Hermès uses.

A Himalayan Birkin costs over $100,000 and is hard to find but other Birkins go from $10,000 and up depending on what kind you get as Hermès makes handbags in many different kinds of leathers.

The Kelly


The Hermès Kelly bag is also a popular bag from Hermès but it isn’t nearly as expensive or exclusive as a Birkin. This bag is also a lot more structured than a Birkin. Again, box calf leather is the leather I’d like to wear this bag in.

Also, I love the turn lock mechanism on this bag as well as the Birkin. I just think it is absolutely beautiful.

This bag costs around between $4,000 to $5,000 and up depending on what kind you get.

Kelly Bracelet


I love this bracelet simply because of that turn lock mechanism. It’s just so beautiful and I’d love to have any accessory with a turn lock on it. The Kelly bracelet looks best in brown and orange.

This bracelet costs around $400 and up as it is made in a variety of leathers and sizes.

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour


Okay, so I know that this isn’t exactly “from Hermès” but the beautiful watch bands were designed by Hermès. I love this watch with the double tour band. It just looks to good.

The double tour cost $1,250 and comes in a variety of colors.


Envelope Card Holder


As I said yesterday, I love small leather goods. This card holder from Hermès is beautiful. I love the minimal design and I love that color. I would love to carry this around along with the next item I have on this list.

This card holder costs $700.

Kelly Wallet


Hermès makes a lot of “Kelly” products which means there will be a turn lock on it. I also like this wallet because I like wallets with flaps. It doesn’t matter that the wallet is hard to get into either. As I also said yesterday, I want a card holder for my most used cards and I want a wallet for my least used cards that I would just carry around in my handbag. This wallet would be nice for that.

This wallet costs $1,500 and up depending on what kind you get.

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