Designer Favorites: Coach

Hey everyone! Today I’m continuing my designer favorites series with Coach. Coach is one of those easily recognizable brands that people in fashion seem to avoid as the quality of the brand is quite similar that of Michael Kors. I was until my dad got my mom a Coach bag for Christmas. Coach does have some beautiful pieces, though, and I’m going to share my favorites with you.

Chelsea Crossbody Bag


I’ve been wanting a loose bag that I could just hold in my hand but I didn’t want it be too big and bulky. I was looking at baguettes from Coach but those are too small. This, though, is perfect. It’s a good size, it’s not too complicated, and the leather looks amazing. I would love to carry this during any season. It would look nice one winter with a cozy outfit and it would look nice with a summer outfit too. Also, this bag works for both casual and formal outfits because of how minimalistic it is.

You can get this handbag here for $225.

Soft Wallet


I like this wallet because it has a beautiful blush color just like that coin purse from Forever 21 that I wrote about in an article about my favorite small leather goods. I love this color and it looks amazing here with Coach’s signature monogram. While I like leather the best, this wallet comes in coated canvas which is still a great material to use for making things like this. It would be great if Coach made a wallet or a coin purse that was only this color but this is still amazing.

You can buy this wallet here for $150.


Arnold Chelsea Boots


These boots are beautiful because of how simple they are. Coach has boots with buckles, fur, and even turn-locks, but these are my favorite. I love the smooth looking leather and rounded toes of these boots. You can see the craftsmanship that went into making these. I’ve been wanting boots for a while now and these are perfect. Also, most brands don’t sell shoes below size 8 but these boots come in size 7.

You can get these boots here for $241.

So, do you like any of these things or is there something I should’ve included in the list? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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