Coach Releases More New Apple Watch Bands for Spring

Coach has released more new Apple Watch bands and updated the colors of some old bands for spring.

Coach has released more new Apple Watch Bands for spring. The brand has also updated the colors of some of the old bands. This comes just a couple of months after Coach released new bands for fall.

The new bands include the Apple Watch Strap in black and Saddle (brown). The new colors include the Strap with Tea Rose in Washed Red/Black Copper (red) and the Strap with Prints in black, bright pink, and Silver/Chalk (white).

The new band is simply called the Apple Watch Strap and is crocodile embossed. Last year, when Coach released bands for fall, the brand changed the names of the bands. For example, the Leather Strap with Tea Rose Appliqué is now the Strap with Tea Rose. The Strap with Prints also now only has a floral print where it previously had a cherry print, car print, a bird print, and a star print.


When Coach releases new Apple Watch bands it seems to remove some previously released ones. The Strap with Sharky is no longer available and Strap with Rexy in Goldenrod as well as a lot of the old colors are no longe available either.

Take a Look at photos of the new Coach Apple Watch bands below.

The Apple Watch Strap retails for $175 and the Strap with Tea Rose costs $175 as well. The Strap with Prints still costs $150.

The Apple Watch Strap only comes in 42mm. The Strap with Prints only comes in 38mm and the Strap with Tea Rose only comes in 38mm as well.

When Coach releases new bands they are usually available in limited quantities, however, some bands are being stocked with over 500 available. There are more than 500 Apple Watch Strap bands available, more than 500 Strap with Tea Rose bands available, and more than 200 Strap with Prints bands available.

Some of the stores on the list of where you can get a Coach Apple Watch band have them in stock and other will be receiving shipments soon. Sales associates at other Coach stores can order them for you.

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