Coach Releases Even More New Apple Watch Bands for Winter

Coach has released more new Apple Watch band colors for Winter. This comes just a week after the brand released more new bands and refreshed the colors of some old bands for Winter.

The new colors include the Apple Watch Strap in Chalk (white).

The brand did this last year when it released new bands for Summer, released even more new bands about a week later, and released more new bands a couple of months later. The brand usually releases new bands for the season and might release new bands twice but the brand released new bands three times that summer and released only one band in the third release.

When the brand releases new bands, the brand usually discontinues some bands but no bands have been discontinued. Most of the bands from previous releases are still available. The brand has been restocking bands and restocked some bands for its winter sale.


This band was released last week but was only available in one color.

Take a Look at the new Coach Apple Watch bands below.

The Apple Watch Strap retails for $175.

The Apple Watch Strap only comes in 42mm.

When the brand releases new bands they are usually available in limited quantities. There are 110 Apple Watch Strap bands in Chalk available.

The Apple Watch Strap in Chalk is online only. Sales associates in stores can order them for you. Even though the bands are usually available in limited quantities they seem to be available in more Coach stores and they don’t sell out as much as they did before.

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