Coach to Offer Monogramming Services in Store

Coach is now offering monogramming, repair, and cleaning services to customers in select stores.

According to an article on WWD, Coach is offering its customers monogramming services as well as letting customers customize the color of the trim on their hangtags and other products in the store in the new “Craftsmanship Bar”.

Employees at the craftsmanship bar will also be able to offer repair and cleaning services.

The craftsmanship bar is currently only available in select stores including stores in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Paris.


There is also a little information about the craftsmanship bar on the “Care and Repair” page on the brand’s website which reads, “We want you to enjoy our products for a good long time. Proper care at home or our Craftsmanship Bar will extend the natural life of your favorite Coach leather goods and preserve their beauty for many seasons to come.”

The website continues with information about the brand’s leather and its leather cleaning products as well as some information about their cleaning services. The website reads, “You are cordially invited to bring your favorite Coach leather bags and accessories to a store near you for expert cleaning and conditioning,” and continues saying, “We recommend that you use our complimentary services every three months to maintain the luster, color and pliability of your Coach leatherware.”

As for the craftsmanship bar’s repair services, the website reads, “Our in-store Craftsmanship Bar also offers exceptional repair services for your valued leather items. Many of these repairs are covered by warranty. Others are available for a nominal fee.”

Many luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermès offer monogramming, cleaning, and repair services in stores. Many people can’t afford luxury handbags from brands like Hermès, though, and can only get more affordable bags from brands like Coach so it’s good that they are offering these services. A brand that makes handbags as well as they do that retail for as much as they do should have these services in their stores anyway and more affordable brands should be offering these services as well.

Regardless, Coach’s handbags as well as their small leather goods are of good quality for their price so it’s good that they are now offering these services to their customers in stores.

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