Coach Mascots Are Officially the Coolest Accessories You Can Own

Coach has a few “mascots” for the brand that are put on almost anything from bags, shirts, bag charms, sweaters, wallets, Apple Watch bands, patches, and more. There’s the most well-known Rexy mascot, a T-Rex usually shaped like bones but often seen as a regular dinosaur, Steggy, a stegosaurus, and Sharky. You can own them on almost anything the brand sells and they are now officially the coolest accessories you can own.

The Coach mascots get put on pretty much anything. They get put on some of the brand’s bags, however, they are usually used on smaller bags and wallets. They can be seen on a lot of the brand’s shirts and sweaters as well. The brand makes other accessories with them as well like bags charms, Apple Watch bands, and patches.

There is, for example, a desk accessory that I think is one of the coolest of the mascot accessories. The Rexy puzzle, which is made of leather, and comes in quite a few colors and designs. The Rexy puzzle comes in Saddle/Rainbow (brown, red, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange) but it seems there were a couple of others made like a blue Rexy puzzle, and another blue Rexy puzzle with an astronaut helmet.

The description on the old product listings page for the Rexy puzzle reads, “a nostalgic play on the wooden dinosaur puzzles we built as kids, this collectible brings Coach Beast Rexy (almost) to life. Her brightly colored skeleton is rendered in our heritage glovetanned leather.”


That was actually part of the brand’s 75th Anniversary Wild Beast Holiday Collection in 2016 which included Rexy, Wooly, a wooly mammoth in Flax/Citrine (yellow and green), Tricky, a triceratops in Denim/Turquoise (blue and turquoise), and Steggy in Red/Vintage Orange (red and orange). These items are sold out and have been for a while but you can still get one on other websites like eBay.

They are still available as key chains and bag charms, though.

Those are the coolest of the accessories but another cool one is the Apple Watch Strap with Rexy. The Apple Watch Strap with Rexy was released in October 2016. It, like all of the Apple Watch bands, sold out quickly, however, there wasn’t much talk about it other than that it was included in the brand’s new bands.

The band was released in black and then it was released in Dark Saddle (dark brown) when Coach released new bands and updated the color of some old ones for spring in May 2017 but it wasn’t until it was released in Goldenrod (yellow) that people began talking about it.

Online technology news publications were already talking about the bands because it had something to do with the Apple Watch, however, the Rexy band seems to be what the tech industry was most interested in even being called “the best Apple Watch band, full stop” in an article called “Coach’s $150 dinosaur Apple Watch strap now comes in fall colors”.

The Coach mascots are not only nostalgic to those interested in technology but the brand’s Apple Watch Strap with Rexy is cool among the tech industry as well. That’s something no fashion accessory seems to have been able to do. Also, no fashion related Apple Watch bands have been talked about as being cool by technology writers either.

The Coach mascots aren’t just cool in fashion but cool in technology as well. They are nostalgic and cool in more than one industry. You can own them on almost anything the brand sells and they are now the coolest accessories you can own.

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