Coach is the Latest Brand for Zara to Copy

Zara has been both accused of copying and sued for copying many times. The brand, which releases new products every week, doesn’t just make inspired products using the same silhouette as other brands. It blatantly copies them. Zara has copied many brands but the latest brand for it to copy is Coach.

As I said, Zara has been accused of copying and sued for copying many times. The brand most recently has been sued in November for copying fabric designs. A few months earlier, the brand was sued for overpricing. Before that, the brand had been accused of copying an artists designs on Instagram.

Earlier this year, The Fashion Law published an article about the effort affordable brands put into copying luxury brands. Zara, of course, is the brand referenced the most in how it has copied Céline not only with products but with ad campaigns as well. The brand even used the same models as Céline.

Céline was the brand that Zara seems to copy the most last year. I have, however, seen bags from the brand that look similar to those from brands like Chloé, Mansur Gavriel, Chanel, and Saint Laurent. I’m sure there are others but those are the brands I’ve seen be copied the most.


Zara, of course, is still copying other brands and the latest brand for it to copy is Coach. Some of the newest bags in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection look a lot like Coach’s bags. Take, for example, this mini tote bag (below). One of the handles, which you can switch for another one, has leather flowers on it that look very similar to Coach’s “Tea Rose Appliqué” bags.

A good example of one of the Tea Rose Appliqué bags is the Dinky crossbody bag (below). The flowers aren’t exactly the same but they are very similar. Coach’s flowers are mostly just one piece of leather with embossing on the petals while Zara’s have cuts. They both, however, have metal pieces in the middle of them. Plus, the color being used looks very similar to Coach’s bag as well.

Another bag that looks similar to Coach’s bags is this crossbody bag. While it’s not on the bag itself, the bag charms that come with it have metal studs on them that looks similar to those on Coach bags. A good example of this is this crossbody clutch. Coach obviously isn’t the first brand to use studs, but the ones they use and the way they use them are recognizable and Zara is using the same kind in the same way.

Zara is pretty much always copying other brands. Coach is just the latest brand that it is copying. While there are only a couple of bags that look similar to Coach’s bags, I wouldn’t be surprised if the brand released more bags that look similar to Coach bags.

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