Coach is Doing Monogram in the Most Elegant Way Ever this Season

Coach is putting its signature monogram on its handbags and accessories in the most elegant way it ever has for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

The Coach monogram was quite popular about 10 years ago. It was mostly popular with women in their 20’s to 40’s but teens bought these bags as well. The brand’s monogram bags quickly became tacky and were replaced by Michael Kors, which is still the most popular affordable brand.

Monogram bags from any brand became tacky for while but now brands are making new bags with their logo on it that are being carried by more people.

In the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the brand has placed their monogram on its new bags along with other designs like leather trims, a chain with leather woven into it much like a Chanel bag, hardware, and more. It hasn’t simply been placed on a plain bag. It’s been done in the most elegant way the brand as ever done.


For example, the Parker With Birder Rivets and Snakeskin Detail. The bag isn’t exactly an elegant bag itself but the way the monogram has been placed is. It has been done in a way a more expensive luxury brand would. The bag is made of calfskin but has a monogram canvas front pocket and a chain with leather woven into it with gold hardware.

Then there’s the Parker Bag. It’s the same bag but in plain leather with a logo turn lock. That bag is elegant. It might not be used at a formal event but it could be used for a weekend out with a dressy outfit.

The brand has even release new belts with the brands logo on the buckle that look similar to belts from luxury brands. The brand had already released belts like this before but they look much better in this collection.

The monogram is looking more elegant than ever. Even the signature leather is looking better. Older bags and accessories with the monogram are looking better with these bags.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is available now online, however, some bags are listed as “pre-order”. Handbags retail from $135 to $795 with accessories costing $39 – $295. Most of the handbags are crossbody bags but there are some tote bags and clutches as well.

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