Coach is Becoming One of My Favorite Brands

Last month, I wrote an article about Coach and if their handbags are still luxury items. Regardless of whether anyone thinks their bags or any other items are luxury, Coach is becoming one of my favorite brands. I absolutely love their handbags and the style of they’re leather. Plus, the quality of their bags is a big upgrade from that handbag I got from Forever 21.

Some of Coach’s handbags, like any other brand, are kind of ugly and I would never carry them. Then, there are handbags like the Chelsea Crossbody bag, which I featured in my last Designer Favorites article, that look absolutely beautiful. The bag is very minimalistic overall featuring smooth calfskin, a simple silhouette, and not much hardware. While I usually go for black when choosing a handbag, this bag and many others looks best in brown. Take a look at the bag in a photo below.


While we’re still talking about handbags, I’d like to talk about the Nomad Top Handle Crossbody bag. This bag is a lot less minimalistic than the Chelsea but it’s still absolutely beautiful. This the handbag I want the most from this brand. It’s not too big or too small and I love the look of the flap on the bag. Again, this handbag looks best in brown.

Now, let’s talk about their belts. Most of Coach’s belts for men come in a standard size 42 but they can be easily cut by the wearer for a tailored fit. There is even a video (below) at the top of Coach’s belts page that shows you how to cut and size your belt. My favorite is this brown belt which is, again, very minimalistic with its smooth glove calf leather and simple hardware. This belt, like Coach’s bags, works well for both formal and casual outfits as well as both Summer and Winter.


Speaking of Winter, Coach has some beautiful leather gloves I’d like to buy next holiday season. While their bags and belts look best in brown, my favorite of their gloves looks best in black. The leather here is a little textured but not so much that it wouldn’t still be called smooth leather. I also like the length of the gloves as they don’t go too far past the wrist and can be worn well with a watch.

As for Coach’s small leather goods? Well, it’s basically the same thing as their handbags with the best of them being in smooth leather and brown like the Turnlock Slim Envelope Wallet. Though, there are some other items that Coach has that aren’t anything like that.

Take this card holder for example. I like how colorful it is and it would be a nice thing to carry with all the minimalistic things I’d buy from them. It’s probably be the only loud thing I’d get from the brand.


Another thing that looks best in something other than smooth brown leather is the Nolita Wristlet. This bag looks best in black but Coach has a variety of other colors to choose from. The bag also comes in pebbles leather which looks quite beautiful here. I wouldn’t want pebbled leather on a larger bag but here it looks nice.

Coach has many beautiful bags and accessories and I’m starting to like the brand a lot more than I did before. Of course the price of their items is one of the reasons I like it as a lot of their items are affordable and the quality of their items is well worth the price. Regardless of whether Coach is a luxury brand or not, it’s one of my favorite brands.

So, what do you think? Do you like Coach or is there another brand you like more? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new post sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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  1. I too, honestly love coach handbags – I bought one late last year,their swagger 27 in colorblock leather Link: and I honestly adore it and only use it for special occasions or for certain work-related meetings with clients. I get complimented on it often when I do wear it, and in my opinion, it looks like a timeless peice (as opposed to more “trendy” styles that tend to look dated after just a few years). There’s other handbags and wallets I own from them, which I also consider staples in my closet – and more for everyday usage – but there are definitely a few rare gems in their latest line-ups that I feel will age gracefully (as I hope I will) come 10+ years down the road. From what I understand, Coach is and has been undergoing rebranding, and revisiting their “roots” so to speak, and coupled with the news in 2015 that they began offering a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as in-house repairs for a small fee thereafter, I’m more inclined to believe again in their quality. The Nolita wristlet you mentioned, along with my particular model swagger 27 (just that one, not the others in same or different sizes, colors etc) have not yet seen a decrease in price point, which I also believe shows the difference in value and quality of said merchandise among the various models/lines they carry.

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