Coach Apple Watch Bands Sold Out Over the Weekend

The Coach Apple Watch bands were released just a couple of days ago and they are already sold out online.

Coach just barely released their Apple Watch bands Friday, June 17th but they have already sold out. The “Chalk” colors for both the Leather Watch Strap with Charms and the Tea Rose Appliqué Leather Strap sold out almost immediately after release.

A couple more bands sold out Saturday, leaving only the “Saddle” color for the Leather Watch Strap with Charms available and all models of the Wild Beast Camo Leather Strap. Those were only available for a couple of days, though, as they sold out as well.

As of Monday, June 20th, all the Coach Apple Watch bands are sold out online.

A couple of people on PurseForum have purchased some of the bands and have already begun receiving them and sharing photos (below).

Some members, however, say their orders have been canceled.

Coach Tea Rose Appliqué Leather Strap in Chalk. Photo by: Purse FanGirl on PurseForum
Coach Tea Rose Appliqué Leather Strap in Chalk. Photo by: Purse FanGirl on PurseForum

One member of the forum says she ordered the Tea Rose Appliqué Leather Strap in “Saddle” and black but the black band was canceled. Another member also says her order was canceled but didn’t specify which band it was.

The bands were made in limited quantities and were expected to sell out according to Coach sales associates and representatives. The almost immediate unavailability of some bands shows that there is a demand for them, though.


Only 8 out of the 12 stores on the list of where you can get a Coach Apple Watch band got the bands when they were released and all they have some in stock but many of them have sold out.

If you can’t get the model you want in store just call any of the boutiques on the list. A sales associate can get your information and ship one to you.

As for when the bands will be restocked, it is currently not known. Coach didn’t even make an announcement about having the bands so they probably won’t make one about a restock.

Regardless, you can still get one. Just call some of the boutiques on the list and you might get the band you want. Some stores only have a couple of bands left, though. So, if you want to get one of the bands get it now before it’s sold out.

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