Coach Apple Watch Bands May be Released this Fall

A sales associate at a Coach boutique informed me Friday that Coach will be releasing Apple Watch bands as early as June and sent me photos of some of the bands. Now, a sales associate has confirmed the number of bands that will be available, their prices, and sent me more photos, though another sales associate at a different boutique says the bands may not be available for purchase until the fall.

The sales associate along with others working there told me after I called and asked for more information that there will be 9 new watch bands from Coach in white, black, and saddle, though, there is a red band in the first photos, for $150 each.

As for when the bands will be released, the sales associates are still saying they will be available around June but when I asked a sales associate at a different boutique I was told that the bands may be ready for the company in June but might not be available for purchase until the fall.

Coach may still announce the bands this June, though, as many brands announce collections during fashion week months before they become available in stores.

The first additional photo the sale associate sent me shows a white band with flowers stitched onto it (below) on a black Apple Watch with a black stainless steel buckle to match.

imageIn another one of the additional photos is the brown band with flowers stitched onto it (below) that I talked about in the first report.



I also contacted another store for photos and I was sent a photo of the entire document (below) with the Apple Watch bands on them.

imageThe sale associate who first sent me photos said they aren’t of very good quality because they were taken with an iPad.

Also, in the first report I said that Coach would be the second designer brand to make bands for the Apple Watch but Rebecca Minkoff and Colette have both made bands for the watch before, according to an article on MacRumors.

Regardless, I’m sure more brands will start making bands for the Apple Watch. Many people in fashion don’t seem to like the Apple Watch but as more designers make more bands, more people may purschase one. Especially if they retail for only $150 which is quite affordable for a fashion accessory given the prices of luxury handbags and accessories.

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