Coach Apple Watch Bands Get Product Listing on (Updated)

In April, I was informed by a sales associate at a Coach boutique that Coach would be releasing new bands for the Apple Watch as early as June and was provided with photos and detail about the bands. A couple of days later, I was told by a sales associate at a different store that the bands may not launch until this fall and was provided with more pictures. Now, some of the Apple Watch bands have product listings on along with a photo of one leather band in saddle with charms.

Yesterday I was looking for some information about the Coach Apple Watch bands because the sales associate said the watch bands could launch as early as June and I wanted to see if I could get some more detail on the bands. After doing a little searching, I found a product listing for the Apple Watch Leather Strap with Charms in saddle glovetanned leather as well as a photo (below) of the product that I had first found on Pinterest but now seems to be in the product listing.

imageI informed 9to5Mac through their tip service and it is confirmed. According to an article on 9to5Mac, Coach has listed some Apple Watch bands on their website though you can’t search for the pages on the website and most of the listings don’t have images. 9to5Mac also did some URL searching and found some other bands.

The Apple Watch Bands also have some details about the bands with the product description for the Leather Strap with Charms reading,

What better way to complement your Apple Watch® than with this luxe strap crafted in our genuine glovetanned leather? Finished by hand with heat-creased edges and hand-tacking at stress points for durability, the design is accented with a pretty, polished charm and a diminutive metal hangtag.

The products are also listed as “sold out” and don’t have any prices, but as I said before, all of the Coach Apple Watch bands will retail for $150 with 9 models available in white, black, and saddle, though, in there is a red band in the first photos I was sent by the sales associate.


I also went into a Coach boutique a couple of weeks ago and a sales associate showed me some product listings on an employee only site that said the bands would only be available in select boutiques including some in New York, Nevada, and California. There looked to be about 10 or so stores on the list. The sales associate then said that all other stores would have to order the bands.

As for when the bands will be released, the bands may still be announced this month if even if they aren’t available in stores until this fall. Most brands show collections during fashion week months before they are available in stores.


9to5Mac contacted Coach and was informed by a representative that the bands would begin arriving in stores on June 6th for $150 but that they are all listed in women’s so the size the bands will be available in is currently not known.

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