Chloé Debuts Logo Bags for Resort 2019

Chloé has debuted new logo bags for the brands Resort 2019 collection with hardware and printed logos.

According to an article on PurseBlog, Chloé has debuted new logo bags for the brands Resort 2019 collection. The brand has debuted both hardware logos and printed logos. The logos  are done in a more elegant way than most brands, but it’s still tacky.

The brand debuted a large “C” in gold tone hardware in the front of the bag, much in the way Chanel has its logo on the locks on the front of its bags or the way Saint Laurent has its logo on the front of its bags. The brand also debuted new hardware with the brand’s logo embossed in it as well as bags with the brand’s logo printed on it and a horse monogram.

Logo bags are becoming quite popular and every brand seems to be debuting them. Balenciaga debuted bags with large logos on them last month. The brand released top handle bags similar to the Hermès Bolide with a large logo on the front of them as well as crossbody bags with a monogram on them like Chanel. The bags were apparently a joke but they are still tacky even if you wear it as a joke.


Céline also did this with the Made In Tote that the brand debuted for its Pre-Fall collection last week. The totes had large logos as well as the words “Made in Italy” printed on them.

Chloè seems to be doing it in a more elegant way than most brands. The large “C” is in a elegant font and the bags it is on aren’t loud or ostentatious. The logo on the hardware with the brand’s logo embossed in it is small. The printed logo isn’t that big and the font also makes it look a little more elegant and the horse monogram doesn’t have the brand’s logo in it.

Coach also did monogram in an elegant way for the brands Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The brand placed its monogram and its bags along with other designs like leather trims, a chain with leather woven into it much like a Chanel bags, hardware, and more.

The bags are still tacky, though. The logos are loud and ostentatious. It’s flashy even if the bag the logo is on isn’t loud or ostentatious. Classic, minimalistic handbags look better and work well with many outfits.

The brand has not said when the bags will be available.

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