Chanel Has the Most Followers on Instagram Out of the Major Three

Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Chanel are the biggest brands when it comes to handbags. Pretty much everyone who loves handbags knows this. The brand’s are the major three that all brands are compared to and they are the ones whose handbags and accessories are the most popular, sought after, or hold their value the best. They also have quite a lot of followers on social media, which brands like that would, but Chanel has the most on Instagram.

The French luxury brand has 29.5 million followers on Instagram. That’s quite a lot. The brand’s posts get over 300,000 likes and many comments where many brands, celebrities, and magazines only get a couple thousand or maybe 10,000 likes. The brand’s bags are very popular with its well known bags like the Wallet on Chain and Flap Bag and famous quilted and caviar leather. The Wallet on Chain as well as other bags have wait lists of up to a year and a half.

Bags from the brand also hold their value. They can sell for more than what you paid on websites like eBay.

Louis Vuitton has 26.6 million followers on Instagram. The brand’s posts get from over 100,000 likes to over 300,000 likes with some posts having over 1,200,000 likes. The brand’s monogram is the most famous monogram in the world and has quite a few bags which are the most popular in that style like the Alma, Neverfull, and more. Bags from the brand also have wait lists.


Bags from the brand don’t hold their value, though. You can get a vintage Louis Vuitton bag from $120 on websites like eBay.

Hermés has 7.1 million followers on Instagram. That’s much less than Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The brand’s posts get from over 13,000 likes to over 30,000 with some having over 51,000 likes. The Hermés Birkin is the most expensive and sought after handbag line in the world which start at around $10,000 and can cost over $100,000.

Bags from the brand hold their value. You can get a new bag and resell it for more than what you paid or wait and resell it later for much more than what you paid. Vintage and rare bags from the brand can cost much more than some new bags.

Chanel has the most followers on Instagram with Louis Vuitton having almost as much. Hermés, however, has much less which is surprising since the brand is the biggest out of the major three. It has the most expensive and sought after handbag line in the world and  bags from the brand hold their value the best.

Although, Chanel does have popular bags, popular cosmetics products, and the most popular fragrance in the fashion industry. Hermès and Louis Vuitton don’t have cosmetics and Louis Vuitton just barely launched fragrances a couple of years ago.

Chanel is also the biggest haute couture brand where its collections are the most popular. Haute couture collections from Hermès and Louis Vuitton aren’t exactly as popular.

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