CFDA Releases “See Now, Buy Now” Study Results

In December, The CFDA announced that it would be considering a different business and show model for New York Fashion Week which people are calling “see now, buy now” while studying fashion week’s current business model with Boston Consulting Group. This would basically mean that brands would show collections in-season and would have the collection be available soon, if not immediately, after the show instead of six months later as usual. Now, the CFDA has released the results of that study.

The CFDA released the results on yesterday, which you can read in full here, where they and Boston Consulting Group formally interviewed designers, retailers, the press, corporations, and other industry insiders. While the report does offer a formal look at the issue the study didn’t offer one business model for every brand to follow like everyone expected, according to an article on Fashionista. Instead, the CFDA has decided to let brands decide what works best for them and their customers where a “concluding statement” in the report says, “Ultimately, it is up to the brands to decide what works best for them, and the CFDA will support designers as they experiment and define what is right for their collections.”

What’s more, the CFDA offered some business models for brands to choose from with the first model having collections revealed four to six months before delivery, the second having small collections available immediately after traditional runway shows, and the third having collections released in-season with “see now, buy now” shows. The CFDA also offered some other ways to release collections like showing men’s and women’s collections together and having pre-fall and pre-spring shows shown with main collections.


Letting brands choose their own business model is actually the best way the CFDA could’ve handled the “see now, buy now” debate. Especially since some brands have already announced they will have “see now, buy now” shows and other brands have voted against it. Not to mention, offering different business models will make it easier for brands to decide how they want to release and show their collections as they won’t have to make their own business models.

So, what do you think? Should the CFDA let brands choose their business model or should they have one for every brand to follow? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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