Céline’s New Bags Look Much Better for Pre-Fall 2016

In January, photos of Céline’s new handbags from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection were posted in an article on PurseBlog along with their prices and they were the ugliest handbags I’ve ever seen. Now, though, PurseBlog has posted photos of Céline’s new handbags from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection and they look much better.

Some of Céline’s new handbags are still kind of ugly but most of them look good. There are, of course, some of the classic Box Bags with new colors and leathers as well as Luggage Totes and Belt Bags but there is also a new shoulder bag that Céline recently released that has some new colors and leathers for this collection, too.

The new Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag in white (below) looks good as well as the new suede Seau Sangle Shoulder Bags and a couple of new Chain Bags.


These new handbags look good and they are much better than the ugly Pillow Bags, Hold All Shoulder Bags, and Square Totes from the Céline Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Those handbags are some of the ugliest bags I’ve ever seen from a luxury brand.


As I said before, I don’t think many people will be carrying those bags even if a celebrity or street style blogger was paid to wear them. Some street style bloggers may carry a Hold All Shoulder Bag or a Square Tote but I don’t think many celebrities will be wearing them. They’ll probably be wearing Luggage Totes.

The new handbags will probably be much more popular, though. The Box Bags, Luggage Totes, and Belts Bags will obviously be carried by many people but the new shoulder bags will probably be popular as well. They may be carried by some celebrities but street style bloggers will be carrying them.

Also, Céline should release new handbags like this for its Spring/Summer 2017 collection during fashion week in September or just release classic silhouettes in new styles like the new Box Bags and Luggage Totes in this collection.

Regardless, these handbags from the Céline Pre-Fall 2016 collection look much better than the bags from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The new Seau Sangle Shoulder Bags and Chain Bags look good as well as the new Box Bags, Luggage Totes, and Belt Bags  .

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