How to Celebrate the Holidays Like a Parisian

December is the time of year when many countries take part in traditional practices to celebrate the holidays. Today we’re going to talk about how the citizens of Paris, the world’s fashion capital, celebrate the holidays and how you can celebrate them like a Parisian too.


Almost every holiday comes with its traditional foods. From November on, the traditional holiday drink of the United States is eggnog. At least, it is for me. Parisians seem to enjoy a rather typical French beverage during the holidays, though. When the weather gets cold, people in Paris like to drink Vin Chaud, or hot wine. This wine isn’t just any wine served hot, it’s a special wine recipe that includes spices like cinnamon and orange zest. It’s a wine served only for special occasions and while you most likely won’t find this beverage at any local restaurant, there are many recipes available on the Internet.

If you’re in Paris, celebrating the holidays like a Parisian won’t be that difficult. Just take a walk around the city and you’ll be able to see amazing Christmas light displays. There are displays set up all around the city and going to see these displays is one of the most popular things to do in Paris during the holidays. If you want to celebrate like a Parisian but you’re not in Paris, go to many holiday light displays around your city instead of just going to one.

Also, a traditional holiday thing you can do in Paris as well as the U.S. is ice skating. Ice skating rinks are set up all over Paris during the holidays until Spring so you’ll have a lot of time to enjoy them. If you’re not in Paris, though, you can still show your love for Paris while ice skating. Just wear a Louis Vuitton scarf or an Hermès accessory.

The holidays are celebrated similarly around the world but every country has different traditions in the way that it celebrate the holidays. Many of these traditions are special foods, like in an article about traditional Mexican holiday foods, but many of these traditions are just activities and some of these things you might be able to do in your own city.

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