Can Fashion Writers Please Stop Talking About Millennial Pink?

There is a color that’s been getting pretty popular lately. “Millennial Pink”, first called “Tumblr Pink”, is everywhere in fashion right now and, of course, fashion writers are jumping all over it. Especially because it has the word “millennial” in it. The only thing is, they’re still making asses out of themselves.

Fashion has been trying to court millennials for a while now. Every brand with a show at Fashion Week seems to want them to buy their products. They do things like release street style collections, make Instagram shareable outfits, and spend thousands of dollars on fashion bloggers to seem “cool”. Some brands do it because they want longevity and others do it simply to follow trends.

Fashion publications and writers have been doing it as well. Fashion writers are always writing about things and people they think millennials like or will share on social media. It’s working and it’s good that publications are considering what the people who are actually in the web want to read. They are, however, getting a little too obvious about it., for example, is always writing article about millennials. Almost every week you can see an article with the word “millennial” in the title. The publication is always either talking about millennials and what they buy or brands that are trying to court them or trying to get millennials to buy something.


Luxury brands haven’t done much with Millennial Pink yet but fashion writers have already jumped on the bandwagon. Fashionista, which seems so to be the publication that does it the most, has been writing about the color before it was even called “Millennial Pink”. The color was first called “Tumblr Pink”, which you can find in the titles of many articles on the fashion news website.

Millennial Pink is also not just one color, but a range of colors from Pantone’s “Rose Quartz” and “Pale Dogwood” to “Candy Pink”, according to an article on The Cut. The color is more of a pale or pastel pink which can be between beige and peach.

Pantone, a New Jersey company which provides colors and color palettes for the printing, publishing, and textile industries and more, named Rose Quartz the color of the year for 2016 and Pale Dogwood one of its colors for Spring 2017.

Millennial Pink is very much on trend right now, which is fine. The only thing is that fashion writers are still making asses out of themselves.

As I said, fashion publications are being a little too obvious about trying to court millennials. Putting the word “millennial” in your titles too often shows that you’re just trying to get shares on social media or trying to get people to buy things. It makes you look like you’re trying to hard to be cool. Something millennials don’t like.

Also, no millennial actually wants to be called a millennial. It’s okay to call them that when it’s relevant and you are specifically talking about the generation but no millennial wants to be directly addressed as a millennial. It is not cool and makes you look like you’re trying to hard to be cool as well.

If millennials actually like your content they’ll read it. If your content is good, they’ll share it. Regardless, it’s up to them. Don’t be too obvious about it and change your publications writing to fit what you think is cool. Millennials will not want to read your content if you do that.

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