Can Brands Please Stop Advertising So Much?

Fashion brands, especially luxury fashion brands, advertise a lot. From ad campaigns in magazines and on buildings to photos on Instagram. Fashion brands do a lot of advertising. That’s basically what every fashion brands’ Instagram account is. A way for them to advertise their newest products and collections. Some brands, however, advertise too much.

Tiffany & Co. doesn’t usually advertise much. Maybe an ad in a magazine or something but the brand usually doesn’t do large ads on buildings or anything like that. The brand doesn’t need to advertise anyway. The brand did advertise in New York earlier this year in April, but it advertised too much.

The brand painted cabs and subway stairs its trademark blue. MetroCards were also made in the color and more. The brand did this from May 1st to May 4th. That seems fun and like a cool advertisement but it can actually be quite annoying. Commuters probably don’t want to be annoyed by yet another advertisement while they go to work. Tourists probably want to see New York but not in Tiffany blue.

Burberry is also doing something like this. The brand is putting its new monogram everywhere. It put it on umbrellas at Sunset Beach and the brand’s Cheongdam-dong, Seoul store, known for its plaid paint. Cable cars in Hong Kong were also painted in the monogram and more. The brand will continue to advertise in more locations.


That is too much advertising. Putting it on buildings and posting it on Instagram is good but putting it on umbrellas at the beach is just annoying. No one wants to be on vacation at the beach and be annoyed by advertisements. Commuters in Hong Kong might not be as annoyed by advertisements as commuters in New York but some probably still are.

Its basically like when I get annoyed by fashion on the weekend. I read and write about fashion almost every day Monday through Friday. It’s a job. It’s one I like but regardless of whether I like it or not, it’s a job. Weekends are a break so reading about it or annoying posts coming up on Instagram is like getting an annoying email from your boss on the weekend. Nobody wants to read that.

People are advertised to by these brands everyday on social media, the internet, on their commute, and more. Fashion brand Instagram accounts are basically a way for them to advertise their newest products and collections. Every photo is basically an advertisement. Then there are shoppable photos by these brands, ads on Instagram, sponsored posts on street style blogger and celebrity accounts, and more.

No one wants to get annoyed by yet another advertisement on their commute or on vacation. Tiffany & Co. and Burberry are advertising too much and more brands will probably do this. Especially since basically every brand is releasing logo bags, a new monogram, or redesigning its logo.

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