Burberry Goes Fur Free and Promises to Stop Burning Products

Burberry has announced that it is going fur free and will stop burning unsold products.

According to an article on Fashionista, Burberry has announced that is going fur free. The brand also announced that it will stop burning unsold products just a couple of months or so after having been criticized for doing so.

The brand reportedly burned about $37.8 million of unsold products which included $13.76 million in beauty product which means the rest was ready to wear and accessories. The brand was, of course, criticized for doing so.

Companies do this so they can continue to charge the prices they want for their products and so that people pay full price for them. Other brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier parent company Richemont have been said to do this as well.


CEO Marco Gobetti released a statement saying, “we think that modern luxury that doesn’t take into account the social and environmental responsibility really has no meaning. Now customers are not happy if you don’t care about the environment they live in.”

The new business model will debut later this month with Riccardo Tisci’s first collection for the brand on September 17th at London Fashion Week. Although, Gobetti says the last two collections from the brand were already fur free but the next collection is the first one the brand has made a statement about.

Gobetti continued to explain the new business model saying, “we’re making a firm commitment on it. There’s a little bit [of fur] to phase out as there is still some in the stores and we will phase it out, but it was already not a part of our creative thinking. It clarifies our position.”

The brand hasn’t said what it will do with unsold products but they will probably be sold through an outlet or online for cheaper prices. Most luxury products that don’t sell in-season are sold through outlets or at cheaper prices.

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