Bouchra Jarrar May Soon Replace Alber Elbaz

In October of last year, Alber Elbaz was fired from Lanvin as the creative director after having been accused of trying to sell his shares to another company within the Lanvin group. Now, months later, the brand is said to be finally hiring someone as their new creative director and rumors suggest that it might be Bouchra Jarrar.

Accroding to an article on WWD, market sources claim that Lanvin is close to hiring Bouchra Jarrar as its new womenswear designer and will apparently only design women’s clothes for the brand instead of designing both womenswear and menswear like Alber Elbaz.

WWD, who cites Jarrar as “a seasoned talent who launched her signature house in 2010 and earned the haute couture appellation in 2013,” also says that Jarrar recently indicated that she is willing work with other brands as she will be doing a jewelry collection with Mauboussin. Though, the likelihood of Jarrar being hired as the Lanvin’s new creative director is not known but the brand is said to be announcing its new womenswear designer in a few weeks.

As for who will be Lanvin’s new menswear designer? Rumors claim Lucas Ossendrijver is in talks with Lanvin for the position.


As usual, after being asked about the rumors, a spokeswoman for Lanvin said the brand does not comment on rumors. Jarrar couldn’t be reached for comment.

Regardless, whoever replaces Alber Elbaz will have a lot of work to do, especially in womenswear with haute couture. Alber Elbaz was the creative director of Lanvin for over a decade so there is a certain expectation of quality and aesthetic that comes with each collection. While Jarrar or any other person will, of course, put their own aesthetic on the new collections, they will have to meet the expectations that Elbaz was able to when he was the creative director of Lanvin.

Jarrar also talked about her aesthetic in an interview with WWD last year saying,

“My objective is a defined look because our lives today are very fast, we are working women, we’re strong, we’re self-sufficient, and my clothes have to bring something — power, but without being aggressive, a defined look. It’s a look, it’s elegance, it’s Paris. It’s really an attitude.”

Jarrar’s clothes better bring something to Lanvin if she is hired given the negative reviews of the brand’s latest collection. If not, Lanvin may not be one of the top brands to watch during fashion week anymore regardless of whether or not the brand releases haute couture collections.

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