Bottega Veneta Boutique Robbed in Milan

Bottega Veneta’s Milan boutique was robbed on Sunday. The robbers stole a number of bags on display, though, no one knows exactly how many. Italian authorities have now begun investigating.

According to an article on WWD, Bottega Veneta’s boutique in Milan’s luxury shopping district was robbed on Sunday during Milan Fashion Week. The criminals managed to steal about 20 – 25 bags according to media reports from the area. Bottega Veneta, while confirming the robbery, declined to comment on the amount of bags that were stolen and the value of each bag.

Additionally, Swiss jewelry brand Chopard was robbed three days prior to Bottega Veneta in France at their Place Vendôme boutique by two armed men according to this article on WWD. Again, the brand has not commented on the value of what was stolen or the value of the stolen items.

This just a week after a Chanel boutique was robbed in London. According to an article on WWD, a car drove into the store where, again, most of the handbags on display were stolen. The brand declined to comment on the robbery and the value of the stolen items, though, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police did say that there is an investigation and that “no arrests have been made and inquiries continue.”


It seems as if luxury boutiques get robbed often as there have recently been other robberies in luxury markets as well. In December, a Chopard boutique in central Paris was robbed of jewels worth over $1 million and in November a Gucci store in London was robbed of 40 handbags worth between $76,000 and $157,000.

While a luxury store getting robbed isn’t surprising, I’m surprised that no one has ever robbed an Hermès boutique. You’d think that if someone wanted to steal valuable fashion items, they would go for a Birkin. Regardless, it’s good that Hermès hasn’t been robbed.

Also, I wonder why brands and companies don’t want to let people know the value of what was stolen. In every one of these reports, the brands declined to comment. It would interesting to hear what someone like Chanel’s Karl Legerfeld, Botegga Veneta creative director Tomas Maier, or Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault would have to say about it.

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