Boots, Boots, Boots!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I really want some boots this winter. I used to hate boots because I thought they were just too big and clunky. Boots just weren’t my style but recently I saw an outfit that I really want to try and boots will help me achieve the look I’m going for. Though, shoe shopping is always so difficult for me because no one ever carries size 7 and when they do, they’re sold out! Seriously, this makes shoes shopping that much harder; especially for my husband who wears size 5. Nonetheless, I picked up my iPad and searched for some shoes.

imageFirst I was looking for dress boots, but I quickly moved to looking for something more casual. I looked on Macy’s and JC Penny’s website and I found a contender. The Clarks Stinson Hi-Top Wallabee Boots (pictured left). These boots had the sleek, streamlined, and minimal look I was going for, but I just don’t like how thin the sole is. The heel of the shoe bulges out and it makes it look like a wedge. That’s not necessarily a bad look, but I wanted something different, so I kept looking.

I decided to go to Etsy, hoping I might find some cute boots at an even cuter price, but I had no luck. I then went on eBay and only found cheaply made, low quality shoes coming from far places. Not to mention the month-long shipping times. Keep in mind that these are only on the cheaper prices ($40 or so). Also, in that price range, you’ll also find a lot of fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton shoes so be careful with that.


Now the hunt for fashionable boots has gotten much more difficult. I tried looking everywhere and all I could find where Timberlands. It’s not that I don’t like Timberlands, it’s just that the ones I saw available looked too utilitarian. I’m looking for a boot whose grip is only visible on the bottom of the shoe. It don’t need to look like I’m going to be walking in the snow.

At this point I weigh my very limited (online) options. It was either going to be some dress boots from Macy’s, some Timberlands, or the Wallabee boots. The funny thing is that the more I kept looking at the Wallabees, the more I could see myself wearing them. I did a Google search for them and I finally got to see what they looked like on someone’s feet and they look good. They have the minimal, sleek look I was going for  and they also look modern. I have never seen the sole of a shoe look like that on boots made for men.

Now that I gave the Wallabees a good look, these are definitely the shoes I want but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the shoes I’ll get. They might be sold out in size 7 by the time I get to them.

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