Black Friday is Out as People Shop Less on the Retail Holiday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are out as people are shopping much less on these retail holidays than before.

According to an article on Fashionista, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are out. People are shopping much less on these retail holidays than before. They are lining up a lot later in the morning than they did before and they shop either throughout the thanksgiving week or on other shopping holidays.

A study released by Accenture Consulting says customers don’t want to shop as much on either of these holidays. The survey found that 52% of shoppers were less likely to shop on Black Friday with 42% less likely to shop on Cyber Monday. 64% said they were shopping for holiday gifts throughout other times of the year “specifically due to the rise of deal websites and Amazon Prime Day”.

Forbes released the results of its own holiday shopping survey which also shows that people are over Black Friday, especially young people. 75% of those surveyed between the ages of 13 and 35 they would continue their holiday shopping weeks after Black Friday. Forbes also found that of those who do shop on Thanksgiving week, only 35% will do most of their shopping on Black Friday compared to 51% last year simply because deals are now offered throughout the week and even in November and December.


Apparently another big day for deals is held on the second Monday in December, which has the most online sales for the month of December. Forbes also mentioned Prime Day as a reason why sales are declining on other retail holidays.

Then, there’s the trend of Millennial brands protesting Black Friday. For example, Rei will close its stores on Black Friday for the third year in a row and instead encourage people to spend more time outside and Patagonia donated 100% of its proceeds to environmental causes.

People are, of course, still going shopping on those holidays but they are no longer as big as they were and are instead two very advertised days in a shopping season. Retailmenot released a study in September in which it said Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are now held over two weeks.

Regardless, like last year, the lines are probably going to be shorter this year.

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