Best Winter Handbags to Carry This Season

Every season has its handbags. In the Spring and Summer, it’s common to wear a large, open tote bag like a Louis Vuitton Never Full. It looks great for those seasons but in the Fall and Winter, it doesn’t look that good. Today I’m going to give you my top picks for winter handbags to carry this season. Let’s get started with something I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Bucket Bag


Everyone is carrying bucket bags these days and with good reason. It looks absolutely beautiful. This bag is perfect for both the cozy, warm look and the formal, chic look. It may be an open-top bag, but it still has a lot of structure. Regardless of where you are or how you’re dressed, these bags will look good. Bucket bags are great winter handbags.

The most popular one right now is the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag which will cost you anywhere from $550 – $600. That’s actually pretty cheap for a luxury handbag but if you still can’t afford something like that, you can get a similar bag at Zara for $49.

Structured Satchels


Everyone loves a good satchel. While most come as structured bags, there are some that are quite loose. This winter, stick with the structured bags. Everyone was carrying loose, hobo bags in the Summer so if you want to freshen up your look, don’t carry a loose bag this winter.

There are a variety of satchels to choose from. Some of my favorites are the Louis Vuitton Alma and the Givenchy Antigona. If you absolutely must have something that’s loose, go with a Fendi Peekaboo. Also, satchels with flap closures make good winter handbags.


Crossbody Bags


Whether a bag is strictly a crossbody bag or it just comes with a shoulder strap, it looks great in the winter. All of the bags I mentioned above come with shoulder straps that you can use to wear your bag like a crossbody bag, but you should make sure that the strap is long enough. Also, don’t wear very small evening bags. If you’re going to wear an evening bag, make sure it has some size to it.

The Prada Saffiano Lux Bag is a great crossbody bag but there are other good ones that are structured too. Even a Chanel bag would look great depending on what you’re wearing. Regardless, crossbody bags are great winter handbags.

So, do you like any of these bags or are there any bags that you think I should have listed? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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