Best Mexican Food and Drinks to Have This Holiday Season

It’s December, the holiday season has begun, and Winter is almost here. The United States, like most countries, changes what foods it eats during cold weather. Today, however, I’m going to be talking about some traditional Mexican dishes and drinks that I enjoy during holidays.



Champurrado is as traditional to the holiday season to Mexicans as Hot Chocolate is to the United States. Not to be mistaken for Mexican hot chocolate, Champurrado is made with Masa de Maiz (corn dough), which is also used to make another item on this list, but more on that in a bit.

This drink is very thick which helps it retain its heat that also means that if it’s just been made, you’ll be waiting a while for it to cool down. Regardless, it keeps you very warm and it tastes very good. Pick some up at a local Mexican restaurant or taquería, as you won’t be finding this drink at your typical chain restaurant.



This dish is a very popular Mexican dish so I doubt that I need to explain this to many of you but I will for those of you who don’t know. A tamale is made with Masa de Maiz which is wrapped around a filling. Fillings range from chicken, pork, beef, and any other meat as well as salsa, chilies, and cheese. Tamales are then wrapped in corn husk or banana leaf and steamed.

Tamales are very popular as a holiday dish. Most local restaurants won’t start making them until the holidays though some people make them as soon as it starts getting cold. Also, you may find this at a chain Mexican restaurant but it probably won’t be as good as if you get it from a local one.


Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread)


Though it’s available all year, pan dulce is very popular among Mexicans during the holidays. It is so good but you’ll only get the good stuff if you know where to find it. Don’t go to Walmart or Target and get it from the baking section. That Mexican bread sucks compared to what you’ll get if you visit your local carniceria (Mexican deli).

The bread you’ll get there is amazing. You can find sugary and buttery breads as well as creamy cinnamon breads and cookies. These breads go well with champurrado, hot chocolate, or simply warm milk. It’s usually eaten in the morning like this but you can have it at night as well.

If you enjoy Mexican food, you need to try the food and drinks on this list. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Champurrado is amazing, tamales are better, but my favorite is pan dulce.

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