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Happy Holidays! So Christmas is in a couple of days and my husband won’t be working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day which means I won’t be posting. Again, like during Thanksgiving, I will be putting up the Best of Haute Écriture on Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy this list of news, videos, and fashion articles from around the web.


The Good, the Bad, and the Offensive: A Look Back at the Year in Cultural Appropriation

I’m glad this article was written and I hope that people like Anna Wintour see this and move forward. Fashionista takes a look at all of the ridiculous attempts that the fashion industry has made to be “cultural” and ended up doing it incorrectly or just being offensive.

Fashion is falling way behind culture when it is actually supposed to be about moving ahead. That is why Vogue, the world’s most fashion forward magazine, is falling behind with only two covers featuring black women. That is just ridiculous.

Read the full article here on Fashionista.

’Tis the season for widespread holiday return fraud

According to Marc Bain of Quartz, retailers are expecting fraudulent returns to cost about $2.2 billion which is up from last year’s $1.9 billion. This just after retailers report bad sales estimates for the holidays and declining sales for winter clothing.

Read the full article here on Quartz.


Another video from the always funny Charles Gross. Since Christmas is in a couple of days I figured I’d share his video on his holiday traditions and what he gets for Christmas.


Fashion Articles

Our Favorite Pre-Fall Looks So Far

Vogue does what it does best in this article and gives you the best looks of the season. Here, we get a look at Vogue’s favorite Pre-Fall looks. It looks like they didn’t include any of those fair isle looks that Chanel copied, though. It would’ve been interesting to see what they had to say about that.

Read the full article here on Vogue.

The Year in Pictures 2015

Okay so every fashion website on the internet is doing this but I quite enjoy the way it is done here. The “BOF Team” from Business of Fashion have gather photos from this year’s 10 best moments in fashion that made the news from the Met Gala to the release of the Balmain x H&M collection.

Read the full article here on Business of Fashion.

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