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Hey everyone. Today’s post is going to be a bit different. I’m going to be gathering the most exciting articles, news stories, videos, and other things from around the web in fashion. It’s the same as when I do it in the “Best of Haute Écriture” but this is only recent news and articles within the past week along with a summary of what the article is about.


Zara fired employees in France after a woman in a hijab was barred from one of its stores

Just as I was talking about discrimination in the fashion industry, this pops up. According to Marc Bain of Quartz, Zara fired the manager and security of one of its French stores for not allowing a woman to enter the store for wearing a hijab. Bain also states that there is a law in France the prohibits people from wearing a full face cover in public but the law doesn’t apply to those wearing hijabs.

Read the full article here on Quartz.

Well, Look Who Just Joined Instagram: Alber Elbaz

I also wrote about this but I think this article on The Cut is quite enjoyable to read too. Last week the former Creative Director of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, joined Instagram. The fashion industry and fashionistas alike were very excited to see Elbaz on Instagram as he thanked his fans for all of their support after being fired  from Lanvin.

Read the full article here on The Cut.



Camille Rowe’s Take on French vs. American Girl Style

I’ve posted this video here before but I quite enjoyed it so I thought I’d share it again. Plus, Vogue’s YouTube channel hardly ever gets updated anyway.

Fashion Articles

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

As Liz Morrison of Witty ‘N’ Pretty says in her latest post, Thanksgiving is a week away. So if you still haven’t bought anything to set your table next Thursday, this article will help you.

Read the full article here on Witty ‘N’ Pretty.

10 Vogue Editors on How They’d Wear the New Alexander Wang Denim Collection

I’m not very into “street style” nor Alexader Wang but I do like denim and this article by Marjon Carlos from Vogue makes a good case for it.

Read the full article here on Vogue.


If you love fashion, you probably love shopping too. Department stores will be obviously be having sales for Black Friday but they have specials on other things besides technology. Stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s have specials on clothing and I’m sure other clothing stores will too. The only problem with that is gettinga good deal before everything is sold out. Follow this guide from Fashionista and you should get some good deals.

Read the full article here on Fashionista.

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