Do Street Style Bloggers Actually Make an Impact on Fashion?

All street style bloggers are fashion bloggers but not all fashion bloggers are street style bloggers. I say this because the difference between the two is important to understand. Basically, fashion blogs can be anything that fits within that large, general category. Street style bloggers more specifically style outfits and take pictures of themselves in that outfit. I’ve noticed, though, that where fashion blogs are succeeding, street style bloggers are failing. This lead me to ask whether or not street style bloggers actually make a difference in the world of fashion. To figure that out, though, we need to talk more about the difference between two blog types.


A fashion blog is just that. A blog whose main topic is fashion. These blogs can include other categories and topics like entertainment, beauty, culture, and so on but the main topic is always fashion. Some great examples would be blogs like Fashionista and Business of Fashion. would fit into that category if it wasn’t an extension of the magazine. There are also different types of fashion blogs like DIY blogs, shopping on a budget blogs, a blogs that report like those listed above. They all do different things but they are all about fashion.

A street style blog is a specific kind of fashion blog. Street style blogs are usually run by only one person who styles outfits, takes pictures of themselves in that outfit, and maybe writes something about it when they post it. I used the word “maybe” because writing is one of the problems I have with those blogs but I’ll talk more about that in a bit.

Fashion blogs can be a variety of things while street style blogging is only street style blogging. So why is it that everyone thinks that a fashion blogger is only a street style blogger? Well, it’s because of street style bloggers’ recent popularity. Street style bloggers are getting endorsed by brands and being flown to fashion shows around the world but I wonder why.

When I read about fashion blogging, people always say that it takes more than a pretty face and a good camera to be successful and it does. It takes popularity. You have to have a large following in order to become successful as a fashion blogger which means you get sponsored by brands to promote their products and you get free luxury items. Luxury items, fashion blogger photos, and a good Instagram make you popular because a lot of people want that and that popularity makes brands notice you which makes you money.

This is good for the blogger and that’s not exactly the problem I have with them. The issue is that a lot of these “bloggers” aren’t doing much. They post photos of themselves, barely write if at all, write badly when they do, and are popular. That’s about it. They are pretty much just a vehicle for brands to advertise and sell things to people. Now, I should point out that I’m not saying that all street style bloggers are like that but a lot of them are.

This bothers me when I read things online that say that fashion bloggers are making a name for themselves in fashion because people write about them as if they are making some sort of big impact but they’re not. They are only becoming popular in the industry because brands are giving the money to wear their clothes because they have a lot of Instagram followers. They don’t write, they don’t express their point of view on products or brands, nor do they criticize or challenge the industry.

Street style bloggers are making nothing of an impact on the industry except that they have become the new “it” vehicle for brands to sell things. As soon as brands find a more effective and popular way to sell their stuff, they’ll do that. I should say, though, that some fashion blogs are enjoyable to read and actually offer something to the fashion industry but most street style bloggers just post pictures of themselves and advertise for brands.

It’s not bad to partner with brands or to make money with sponsored posts but you should be able to offer more to fashion industry and fashionistas alike. It’s kind of boring and shows that you don’t care if all you do is post pictures of yourself in a sponsored post.

So, what do you think? Are street style bloggers just becoming vehicles for brands or are they act making an impact on the fashion industry. Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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