Are Luxury Handbags Worth the Money?

The day after Christmas my husband and I went to the mall simply to look around. We visited stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Barneys New York, and Saks Fifth Avenue because I wanted to see all the luxury handbags I admire in person. Well, I saw them but I was quite surprised when I actually got to touch the bags.


First, we went to Prada because I wanted to see the Inside Bag in crocodile but they didn’t have it. They only had one in regular leather so I looked at it and, much to my surprise, the leather felt like any other leather. The bag also didn’t look very premium. It looked like it only cost as much as it did because of the brand that made it.

After being disappointed at Prada, we went to Louis Vuitton so I could see an Alma in monogram canvas. That handbag wasn’t available either so I just looked at and felt other bags around the store. The leather still felt like any other leather. This had me even more disappointed so I decided to look for some Chanel.

We went to Barneys New York but they didn’t have any Chanel bags so we had to go to Saks Fifth Avenue. Chanel handbags were the reason I went to see and touch handbags anyway because I wanted to see what their quilted leather felt like in regular and patent leather. Disappointingly, the leather felt like any other leather. This prompted me to ask, “why are these handbags so expensive?”

This question was quickly answered a couple of days later when I was watching a video by Charles Gross on YouTube. He asked a similar question saying, “are luxury handbags worth the price?” To which he followed with a story about a woman who criticized him for carrying a luxury handbag. Then, he offered justification for the expensive prices placed on these bags.

You are paying for the brand name, which isn’t that bad when you look at the history behind some of these brands. You are paying for the time and money it takes to select the best quality leather to make these bags. You are paying for the craftsmanship of the skilled atelier behind the brand.

I wrote about all of those qualities in a handbag and the brands that make them in an article I posted last month titled “Why Handbags Are So Beautiful“. Those qualities are what make luxury handbags worth the price. Also, maybe I actually have to own and use one of these handbags the to see how much more quality the leather has over a bag from Forever 21 or Zara.

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