Are Inspired Handbags Blatantly Copying Other Bags?

There are brands that make handbags that resemble other famous bags. They use the silhouette of a handbag but use different styles and materials. I’ve noticed, though, that some brands use certain silhouettes so much that it seems like they are just trying to copy another brands handbags. These are usually cheaper brands but I see some luxury brands doing it too.

A great example of this would be the way that Guess seems to love using the silhouette of the Louis Vuitton Alma. It was obvious that they were using it when I first saw one but it just seems too close to the Alma. Take a look at the photos of the bags (Louis Vuttion Alma on the left and Guess Bag on the right).

They look quite similar don’t they? Especially this bag in patent leather that seems to be trying to copy this Alma.


Another brand that likes to do this is Michael Kors. Michael Kors almost exclusively sales bags that copy others and its collection is filled with bags that have winged gussets like the Céline Luggage Tote. I would never buy a Michael Kors handbag because he just copies too many brands. I have yet to see an original bag from him and I have no idea why Anna Wintour likes him or even includes his bags in Vogue.

Now, there is the argument that not everyone can afford luxury handbags, myself included, but it is possible to find handbags that are original in a cheaper price range. There are so many handbags out there that it is possible to buy one with some original design from the brand. It might resemble a certain bag but that’s not bad as long as it doesn’t blatantly copy it.

The only thing I don’t like about handbags like the one from Guess is that it’s just so obvious that it’s copying another bag. I don’t care about brands using a silhouette that is similar to a famous bag but I just couldn’t carry something like that. I would never carry a bag with winged gussets unless it was a Luggage Tote and I’d never carry a dome handbag with flared, structured gussets unless it was a Givenchy Antigona.

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