Are Handbags In Monogram Tacky?

Everyone knows the Louis Vuitton monogram. It’s the most famous monogram in fashion and many brands have since put their own monograms all over their bags to try and be like the famous brand. People, however, are now starting to go for bags with little to no branding. So much so that handbags in monogram are even being called tacky but are they actually tacky?


Over the weekend I was doing some reading and I came across an article by Sarah Halzack on the Washington Post titled “Why Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada are in trouble“. In the article, Halzack began by recalling a time when she was on fifth avenue in New York and shopper Carron Ryan “turned her nose up” at a Louis Vuitton store saying “It looks too trashy” and “It’s better to be subtle”.

Halzack continued, saying,

Ryan’s fondness for low-key, logo-free pieces is shared by a growing number of wealthy shoppers, experts say, who prefer to shell out for unique, hard-to-find pieces instead of highly recognizable handbags from big-name brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada.

Okay, but why?

According to Sarah Quinlin, head of market insights for MasterCard advisors, people don’t want to show their wealth as ostentatiously as before. This is later exemplified by Johann Rupert, chief executive of Richmond, a parent company of many luxury brands, in which he says “…people with money will not wish to show it. If your child’s best friend’s parents go unemployed, you don’t want to buy a car or anything showy.”

This kind of attitude has been in place for a while, though, as those who come from families who have been wealthy for years and have passed down their wealth already do this. It is seen as distasteful to flaunt your wealth and has people of money paying for items that don’t show how much money they have unless you look closely.

The only problem is that big spenders and fashion admirers alike are adopting this attitude and are seeing monograms as tacky now. Everyone has a monogram bag and it’s now better to get something that isn’t easily recognizable. Even sales associates at luxury department stores know that people are wanting to be subtle.

I once went into a Saks Fifth Avenue to see a Givenchy Antigona and one of the sales associates that was showing me the bag pointed out that the bag does have the Givenchy logo on it but it’s not all over the bag like Louis Vuitton. That’s understandable because I said I was looking for something a little more minimalistic but he then said “people will know what bag it is when they see it”.

Now, I don’t have much of a problem with people wanting to go for more subtle bags as I love minimalistic designs and styles but I love classic monograms like those of Louis Vuitton and MCM.

The Louis Vuitton monogram is beautiful in design but the history it represents is what makes it beautiful. Handbags like the Louis Vuitton Alma or the Chanel Double Flap are beautiful because they are iconic, classic silhouettes. That is part of the reason why I love handbags so much anyway. I also don’t want to not buy a handbag from a brand simply because people think it’s tacky.

There is a solution to this problem, though, it’s a little more obvious and cliché than some of you might want it to be.

Just carry a handbag that you love. Don’t carry something simply because of the brand it comes from or to flaunt how much money you have. That actually is distasteful and tacky. Carry a handbag because you actually love it. Carry it because you think it’s beautiful. When you do that, you won’t look tacky, even it is has a brand’s monogram all over it because it’s obvious when someone is carrying or wearing something just to show off and when they’re not.

So, what do you think? Are monograms tacky? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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  1. I have a Michael Kors bag with logo all over it. It’s a tote and I adore the style of the bag but am afraid to carry if others will think it’s stupid or tacky. I’m 74 yrs old, by the way. Dare I carry it as my daily bag?

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  2. I thought I was the only one who felt this way! Great post- Its not that I find it tacky just because its a luxurious brand, but because they don’t look as appealing to me as the ones that don’t have signature logos on the bag itself. To each its own, I think rich and non-rich folks alike should get pieces they like and not base their opinion on the $ it costs! How many of us are guilty of picking up something nice only to put it down when it didn’t cost much!

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  3. I think the same way as you do. I feel that monograms are becoming tacky, specially LV.
    I have got two LV monograms and I only take my Estrella in regular monogram print as a travel bag. But I love my Damier azur 25 and carry it because I like it.

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