Apple Watch Hermès to Get New Colors April 19th

A couple of weeks ago, Apple updated the colors of it’s Apple Watch bands and released a new nylon band. They even updated the silicone and leather cases for the iPhones to match. They didn’t however update the Apple Watch Hermès. Now, the Apple Watch Hermès will be getting new colors for spring and you’ll be able to buy them separately.

You will now be able to get Hermès’ Apple Watch bands without having to buy a new Apple Watch. This, just a couple of months after the Apple Watch Hermès became available online, both on Apple’s own website and Hermès’, instead of only in select boutiques. The single tour band will cost $340, the double tour band $490, and the cuff $690.

As for what the new colors are? Well, Hermès will be giving Apple Watch Hermès owners the brand’s signature orange called Feu, then we have Blanc, Bleu Paon, and Bleu Saphir. Fauve, a previously released color, will be also available separately. It is currently not known whether any of the other original colors will be available separately. Take a look at the new colors in the photo below.


Also, the double tour comes in all colors but the single tour only comes in all colors for the 38mm Apple Watch Hermès where as the 42mm single tour bands only get Fauve, Feu, and Bleu Saphir and the cuff only comes in Fauve.


I like the new bands, but I think it would’ve been better if Hermès made them in the same smooth leather as the original bands. They do still look good, though. I personally like Feu the best out of the new colors but my favorite of all of them is Fauve. I love that color and I love the contrast stitching on the band. It’s a very Hermès style.

Not to mention, being able to buy the bands separately will make both brands a lot more money. People who buy the Apple Watch Hermès are probably people who like fashion which means they like to accessorize and probably like to match their accessories to their outfits. This will let them do that. Also, if they can afford and Apple Watch Hermès, they can probably afford to get a new band as well.

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