Apple Watch Hermès to be Available Online this Friday

You all know how much I love the Apple Watch. So it should come as no surprise that when there is news about the Apple Watch, I will write about it. Instead of having to shop at boutiques to get it, the Apple Watch Hermès will be available for purchase online from both and this Friday.


According to a report on Fashionista, the entire Apple Watch Hermès collection is going to be available. That means you can get the Single Tour which starts at $1,100, the Double Tour in 38mm for $1,250, and the Cuff in 42mm for $1,500. Since it’s the full collection, you can get all the colors which include Fauve Barenia, Etain, Capucine, Bleu Jean, and Noir where Bleu Jean is only available for the Double Tour, Noir for the Single Tour, and the Cuff only comes in Fauve Barenia. The Apple Watch Hermès also comes with its own custom Hermès watch face.

This is exiting news for those who have wanted the Apple Watch Hermès but have not been able to get it. Since it’s release, the watch has only been available in certain boutiques in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami but come this Friday you will be able to get it as easily as any other Apple Watch. It has not yet been made clear how many countries the watch will be available in online, though. Regardless, the watch will become more available to the public.

Also, this shows that both Apple and Hermès see importance in their product. This is good because the Apple Watch Hermès has a big opportunity coming up.

In October it was announced that the theme for this year’s Met Gala is “fashion in an age of technology” and that Jony Ive would be attending the event as a special guest. As I said in an article I wrote about the announcement, Apple and Hermès should take this opportunity to show how fashionable the Apple Watch Hermès is. It’s a perfect example of fashion and technology. Hermès missed the opportunity to include the watch in its show during Paris Fashion Week last year so it shouldn’t miss this one.

With its Spring/Summer 2016 collection and recent advertisements, Louis Vuitton will obviously be what everyone is talking about this year at the Met Gala. So it’s important for both Apple and Hermès to show how fashionable the watch can be this year.

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