Apple Releases New Apple Watch Bands for Spring

Apple has released new band for the Apple Watch. The brand does this every spring and every fall, updating the colors for the season. This year’s new bands include not only new colors, but new bands as well.

Apple’s website was reportedly down for maintenance yesterday. When the site was back up, there were a few new products listed. Along with the new products came new Apple Watch bands including new colors for the sport bands and nylon bands. The leather bands not only got new colors, they got new buckles. The Apple Watch Hermès, of course, got new colors as well and the Nike sport bands are now available for purchase separately.

The sport bands got updated with 3 new colors including “Camellia” (pastel pink), “Pebble” (brownish grey), and “Azure” (pastel blue).

The nylon bands got 6 new color including “Berry” (light and dark pink stripes), “Pollen” (blue, yellow, and green stripes), “Tahoe Blue” (light and dark blue stripes), and “Midnight Blue” (navy). As for the other two colors, they are simply called orange and red. Although, the orange band actually has orange and blue stripes and the red band includes a light red, grey, and yellow stripe.


The leather bands got 3 new colors including “Berry” (pinkish red), taupe, and “Saphire” (blue). These bands also got a new buckle. They previously had the same buckle as the nylon band but now have a buckle that looks similar to the buckle on the Apple Watch Hermès bands.

Speaking of the Apple Watch Hermès, these bands got new colors as well. The new colors include a Double Tour in “Bleu Zéphyr” (light blue) in Epsom leather, a Single Tour in “Lime” (bright yellow) in Epsom Leather, a Single Tour in “Colvert” (dark turquoise) in Swift leather, and a Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia leather. The new colors for Single Tour band are only available in 42mm. The Double Tour band in Fauve Barenia in now available in a large size, though, it is still only available for the 38mm Apple Watch.

Take a look at the new bands below.

Apple also made the Nike sport bands available for purchase separately where they were previously only available with the Apple Watch Nike+.

The bands still cost as much as they did before with the sport bands retailing at $49, the nylon bands at $49 as well, and the leather bands at $149. The Apple Watch Hermès bands also cost the same with the Single Tour retailing at $339, the Double Tour at $489, and the Double Buckle Cuff at $689.

While Apple’s new products won’t be available for purchase until March 24th, you can get the new Apple Watch bands now. You can buy the new bands here.

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