Anthony Vaccarello is Saint Laurent’s New Creative Director

Last week, Hedi Slimaine resigned as the creative director of Saint Laurent. There were rumors of him doing so in January but there was also a rumor that Anthony Vaccarello would replace Slimane. Now, Kering has announced that Vaccarello has replaced Slimane and is the new creative director of Saint Laurent which also means that Vaccarello has left Versus Versace.

According to an article on Fashionista, Kering has announced that Anthony Vaccarello is replacing Hedi Slimane as Saint Laurent’s new creative director. Vaccarello’s first collection will be Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2017 and will debut this October during Paris Fashion Week.

Vaccarello has been the creative director of Versus Versace since last year and there was no announcement of his resignation but his replacing Slimane at Saint Laurent does mean he has resigned from Versus Versace. Also, Donatella Versace released a statement about Vaccarello’s resignation saying, “While I’m sad to see him leave the Versace family, I wish [him] tremendous success with his next chapter.”

In a statement released by Kering that confirmed the replacement of Hedi Slimane, Vaccarello said, “Mr Saint Laurent is a legendary figure for his creativity, style and audacity. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the history of this extraordinary house.”


President and CEO of Saint Laurent, Francesca Bellettini, also said,

I am extremely happy to have Anthony Vaccarello take the creative helm of Yves Saint Laurent. His modern, pure aesthetic is the perfect fit for the maison. Anthony Vaccarello impeccably balances elements of provocative femininity and sharp masculinity in his silhouettes. He is the natural choice to express the essence of Yves Saint Laurent. I am enthusiastic about embarking on a new era with Anthony Vaccarello, and together bringing the maison further success.

This, just a couple of days after rumors that Kering would be announcing the replacement of Slimane.

According to an article on The Fashion Law, a source claimed that a contract has been signed and was to be announced on Monday. The source also claimed that Vaccarello would be closing his own brand after replacing Slimane. While the replacement of Slimane has been announced, KDC Paris, Vaccarello’s PR representative said that Vaccarello would not be closing his brand.

Now that Vaccarello is the new creative director of Saint Laurent, Versace will need to find someone to replace Vaccarello. Though, she doesn’t need to do it as quickly as Saint Laurent or a brand like Dior would need to.

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