Another Guide to “See Now, Buy Now” Fashion

I’ve written about three guides to the “see now, buy now” business model in fashion. First, I wrote a guide to see now buy now fashion in February. Then, a couple of months later, I wrote an updated guide to the business model. People kept talking about it and more brands were adopting it so I wrote another guide in may. Now, even more brands have announced that they will adopt the “see now, buy now” business model so I’ve written another guide.

Part of Topshop’s Runway Show to be “See Now, Buy Now”

Topshop Unique, Topshop’s runway collection, announced in August that it will offer select pieces from its “September 2016 collection” for sale immediately after the show during London Fashion Week. The pieces will be available at the venue, Old Spitafields market, at select Topshop stores around the world, and online. The rest of the collection will be available November 11th at Topshop stores and online.

Read the full article here on WWD.

Thakoon Returns to New York Fashion Week with “See Now, Buy Now” Collection

It’s been about a year since Thakoon showed a collection but the brand has returned to Nee York Fashion Week this season. Thakoon was purchased by investment firm Bright Fame Fashion in December and announced plans to use a new director to consumer business model. Thakoon’s collections will only be sold online and in the brand’s new store. The brand will show collections on a see now buy now schedule.

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Ralph Lauren Adopts “See Now, Buy Now” Business Model

Ralph Lauren announced last week that the brand would show a see now buy now collection during New York Fashion Week. The collection will be available immediately after the show at the brand’s boutiques, online, and at a few stores globally. The new collection will have 45 new fall looks.

Read the full article here on Vogue.

Burberry Debuts “See Now, Buy Now” Collection

Burberry was one of the first brands to announce that they were adopting the see now buy now business model in February. The brand has now debuted its first see now buy now collection which was, of course, available immediately after the show in stores and online.

Read the full article here on The Fashion Law.

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