An Updated Guide to “See Now, Buy Now” Fashion

Everyone seems to still be talking about the “see now, buy now” business model for brands and fashion shows. In February, I gave you a guide to “see now, buy now” fashion and listed all the top news stories about it. Today I’m going to give you an updated guide to “see now, buy now” fashion with the latest news stories and articles about it.

CFDA Releases “See Now, Buy Now” Study Results

The CFDA announced that it would be considering a different business and show model for fashion shows in December while studying New York Fashion Week with Boston Consulting Group. Last month, the CFDA released the study results in which the CFDA says, “Ultimately, it is up to the brands to decide what works best for them, and the CFDA will support designers as they experiment and define what is right for their collections.” The CFDA also offered some business models that brands could use.

Read the full article here.

Houghton Bridal Spring 2017 to Feature “See Now, Buy Now”

Last month Houghton announced that its Bridal Spring 2017 collection will let people buy their dresses directly from the runway. The brand will, of course, let the usual buyers and editors purchase the dresses but will also let consumers purchase the dresses. People who buy dresses from the collection should get their dresses in 12 to 16 from when they order them.

Read the full article here on WWD.


Raf Simons Calls “See Now, Buy Now” Bullshit

In an interview with The Telegraph, Raf Simons was asked about the “see now, buy now” business and show model. He explained that people are talking too much about it instead of talking about who will be designing the next collections for all of these brands and how they will do it. What made major fashion websites write about the interview, though, was that he called the business and show model bullshit. He did have some other interesting things to talk about, too, like why he left Dior last year.

Read the full article here on The Fashion Law.

CFDA Releases Guide Book to In Season Shows

A lot of brands that are using the “see now, buy now” business model for their shows are also showing collections in their current season. The CFDA released a guide as to how brands can start doing that.

Read the full article here on Fashionista.

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